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As one of the world’s first online training providers, netLearn has proudly offered over 15 year of AutoCAD training to designers and draftspersons, worldwide.  Over 65,000 people have completed our free basic and paid full courses in AutoCAD. Millions of people have just dropped in to say hi.

However, since our inception the internet has come of age and the way we learn is moving away from a structured model such as we offer. I thank you for your custom and kind words

In gratitude for your support (and because some colleges still rely on this resource) I have unlocked the full course and will leave the site running as a gift for anyone who still requires AutoCAD training for older versions of AutoCAD. I encourage you all to  learn something new every day of your lives. If you enjoy this course, click on one of the ads to help support its ongoing existence in the digital space.

Jonathan Finkelstein - Author